Compare and contrast of two different writers

ENG 102: Writing Through Literature
Prof. C.
Essay # 1 a Responding to Literature

In class we have discussed the theme of living between cultures and issues of identity tied to class, language and representation. Keeping that in mind respond to the following question in a well-developed and organized 4 page paper:
1. What does Pedro Pietri argue for in a?Puerto Rican Obituary?a? What does Richard Rodriguez argue for in Hunger of Memory? (hint: think about their respective portrayals of community, family, gender roles, etc.)
Who do you believe to be the most effective in getting his point across? Why? What do they have in common and how to they differentiate? Who do you agree with and why?
A successful paper will:
1. Have a clearly identifiable and well placed thesis
2. Will make good use of the text to support a well-defined thesis
3. Will be carefully revised and adhere to MLA guidelines of documentation & class paper formatting requirements
4. Meet the required number of pages.