Compare and contrast or cause and effect

Choose either Option A or Option B and craft a well-developed, formal academic essay that meets the following parameters:
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4. 5. 6.
Length: 1000-1200 words {about 3-4 pages}
Format: Traditional 12 point font, 1a? margins, and standard MLA format {heading, page numbers, etc...}.
Source Material: For this assignment, you will need to incorporate at least one direct quote from a secondary source. The quote should be effectively integrated into the text, and it must be represented by an appropriately formatted Works Cited entry.
Use formal academic structure and tone. Do not utilize first person pronouns, slang, or colloquial language.
Outline: You must submit a formal outline with this essay; the outline should contain, at least, second level {tier} organizational structure.
Due: See Calendar
Assignment Option A: The Cause and Effect Essay
Craft a cause and effect essay in which you address one of the following:
i · Examine the cause{s} of the success of social media or of any single social media/social networking site.
i · Examine the reasons/causes for the decline in popularity of any social media entity.
i · Examine the effects of the rise of social media on society.
Purpose: You are writing this essay to explain WHY something happened, or WHAT has or will happen because of the original situation; this should serve as the backbone for your thesis statement. Your subject itself is either the end point of the causes or the starting point of the effects. Remember, you are NOT simply proving that these situations or circumstances are connected.
Always remember that you are presenting your audience with a cause or series of causes or an effect or series of effects, not the only cause or the only effect.
Organization: Be aware of the difference between immediate and remote causes and effects. The farther away from the subject you get with remote causes and/or effects, the more carefully you have to explain the connections or links between your subject and the cause/effect.
You can choose to emphasize one cause or effect if you wish, but realize that it will require much more development and explanation. If you choose to deal with several causes or effects, make sure that you indicate which ones are the most significant, and organize accordingly.
Audience: Your professor and classmates. Remember, your audience does not know as much as you do. Even if they know more facts about the subject, they dont know your understanding/interpretation of the situation.
Argumentation: Be careful of what is called a faulty cause/effect argument. You must have evidence that there is a connection. Just because things happen in the right time sequence doesnt mean that they are connected. You must have direct evidence showing the cause/effect relationship, not just circumstantial geographic or chronological connections.
Essay #2
II. Assignment Option B: The Compare and Contrast Essay
Craft a compare and contrast essay in which you examine the similarities and/or differences between two (or more) elements, things, or ideas. Your topic choices are as follows:
i · Compare and contrast two different social media/social networking sites.
i · Compare and contrast two companies/organizations that have successfully integrated/relied on
social media/networking.
i · Compare and contrast education before the rise of social media and after {say 1980as and
Transitional words for comparing and contrasting: Your essay should use words such as the ones below to establish relationships as you make your comparisons and contrasts.
likewise, also, just , like, similar, similarly, equally, both, and so does (will, can is, etc.), resembles, as ... as, the same as, identical to, in the same way as, not unlike, neither ... nor, neither can (do, does, will etc.)
unlike, whereas, while, however, but, on the other hand, not as (so) ... as, different from, less ... than, more ... than, opposite to, the reverse of, otherwise, having said that, alternatively, instead of, by contrast, conversely, on the contrary, although
Purpose: Remember that your essay has to have an identifiable purpose. It is not enough to simply say that comparative A is similar and/or different from comparative B; you must explain why such similarities and/or differences are important {make an argument}.
Organization: You have a couple of choices here. You can use block organization, point by point organization, or even some combination of the two. Whatever you choose, make sure that it helps the reader understand WHAT is being compared, and WHY. Remember that subject by subject organization emphasized WHAT is being compared, while point by point organization emphasizes the elements or issues that affect the comparison or ultimate decision. Decide what you want or need to emphasize, and organize appropriately.
Audience: Your professor and classmates. Remember, your audience does not know as much as you do. Even if they know more facts about the subject, they dont know your understanding/interpretation of the situation