Compare and contrast Roshomon or Godzilla to Japan from 1930-1970

Select one of the questions below and write an answer of 4-5 typed pages, using one-inch margins all around and 11-12 point font. You are to include at least 5 identifications, which you are to underline the first time you use each one.

1. If Japan s experiences between the late 1930s to the early 1970s can be viewed in a Roshomon-like context (i.e. from differing perspectives that fundamentally change how events are interpreted), explain how many perspectives can be brought to view what they are, how they differ, and what really can be seen as the synthesis on Japanese history for this time. Please be sure to discuss the movie in order to show the parallels between it, its perspectives, and perspectives on Japanese history.

2. How was Japan a Godzilla-like presence in Asia from the 1930s through the 1970s and how was it a victim of other powers affecting the region? Again, you must discuss the film in order to draw parallels with historical events.

Now what about those identifications? You are to come up with them on your own. The can come from Gordon, Bix, the films, or class discussion, but they must be clearly demarcated, and each one should be suitable. Look at Exam 1 or the review sheet to find examples.

The only sources you need are the movies Roshomon or Gadzilla (1954 version). Call me or email me at any time in the next 24 hours with any questions. This is for a Senior level class so I am paying for the Graduate or Specialized price to obtain the best quality. I have received some great papers and some papers that I could not use and was completely hosed on for the price I paid. I am looking for a good writer to help me with some extensive writing next year and that will work with me over a semester on large projects. Please dont screw me on this paper.