Compare and contrast, Shelley, a?Ozymandiasa? Thomas, a?Fern Hilla?

Several of the texts on the course syllabus deal with the relationship between LANDSCAPE/PLACE and IDENTITY.
CHOOSE TWO (2) of the texts listed below and compare and contrast them with regard to their attitudes toward these concepts. Be sure to DEFINE relevant terms. Be sure to consider not only WHAT the texts say but HOW they say it. How do they use form and figures (metaphor, imagery etc.) to communicate with readers?
Shelley, a?Ozymandiasa?
Thomas, a?Fern Hilla?
You may wish to consider one or more of the following questions or issues: What is the relationship between external spaces and internal (mental or spiritual) spaces? What is the relationship between landscape/place and stories/narratives/history? Are landscapes restrictive or emancipatory (I.e. enabling freedom)? What is the relationship between landscapes/places and the human or human sense of power or control? Do landscapes/places have an identity separate from the human?
the WORKING THESIS including WHAT and SO WHAT statements;
o WHAT STATEMENT: which texts, what key issues, what aspect of the texts, what kind of evidence you will use;
o SO WHAT STATEMENT: what is significant about these elements, how they relate to a broader issue or illuminate underlying values, concerns, contexts that shape the texts;
major movements of the argument including the following:
o key details
o representative or illustrative examples
o representative or important quotations
o major transitional and SO WHAT statements
o a conclusion