Compare and contrast the communitarian and cosmopolitan views of citizenship

The paper should be argumentative towards and against, this paper should be informative and holds strong sources.

The introduction would include: what citizenship is? its roots and emergence, applications and implecations on societies and communeties

The body should hold arguments with citizenship and the positive aspects to it and their impacts on day to day life, furthermore should hold arguments against and how citizenship has somehow changed views within the society.
most importantly follow the topic at all times.

The conclusion, should realign the points, recommend and open a new broad horizon with a question.

This paper should not be more then 2000 words. It should have a table of content.
The bibliography should use 8 to 9 sources sorted alphabetically and done as follows:
ex: Anwar, M (1998), Between Cultures, London , Routledge

the in text quoations should be (authors surname, date of publication and page number)eg (Hillier, 2001, p. 2)

It should be 12 points New Times roman paginate and use double or 1.5 line spacing (do not use single line spacing) Underline or italicise titles of books/films/newspapers/journals so that they stand out from the text
use single inverted commas around direct quotes from secoundary sources and for showing the title of articles in journals not double quotes.