Compare and contrast the criminalization process of Asian and Latin immigrants.

The final paper will require the students to compare and contrast the criminalization process of Asian and Latin immigrants. This paper will be 10-pages long. The students are required to compare and contrast how Asian and Latin have been perceived as people who are unable to follow the laws. The students are required to examine how the experiences of immigrants have been constructed under the process of criminalization through specific discourses associated with Asian and Latin immigrants. [This paper is different from the first paper because this final paper will be time-space specific and race/gender/sex specific in terms of the discourses involved, whereas the first paper is much more conceptual and theoretical in nature; the order of the papers is outlined in such a way because they will coincide with the ways in which the assigned readings are scheduled (from a theoretical discussion to a much more nuanced empirical-historical discussion)] The students are asked to pick a time period and a specific location from within the US. Then the students are asked to research into the discourse that shapes both criminalized Asian and Latin immigrants. In the first draft of the final paper, students are required to use newspaper sources to identify two events in relationship to the criminalization process of Asian and Latin immigrants.
The revision of the final paper will include an analysis of a time-space specific discourse from which the process of criminalization of Asian and Latin immigrants is understood. This will include discussions on (1) the field of police/legal intervention from which Asian and Latin are perceived as criminals (including empirical examples on the usage of neighborhood watch, racial profile, police brutality, and so on) in a specific geohistorical setting, (2) the governing logistics of police/legal interventions, the assumptions of the characters/nature of the immigrants that justify the practices of policie/legal interventions, and the actual tactics of police/legal interventions, (3) the relationship between (1) and (2), on the one hand, and the already identified events involved Asian and Latin immigrants.

Im not sure how many sources area required to use plz just follow the instruction. Thx!