Compare and contrast the humanistic and Behaviourist approaches to counselling and psychotherapy. Critically evaluate their effectiveness.

This paper would begin by outlining the principle approaches to psychotherapy of a humanistic approach and behavioural approach/es. Choose either Gestalt, person-centred, or Narrative approaches in Humanism and either Classical and or operant behavioural approaches.
To evaluate their effectiveness you would need to cite research evidence. Additionaly differentiate the types of disorder that the the therapy is most useful for, this will allow to compare and contrasr the two.
Friedli et al 1997 and Bower et al 2000 have found that person-centred, non-directive psychotherapy and counselling more than holdsits own in comparison with other forms of therapy and helping.
Cognitive and Behavioural therapy is the most researched of all talking therapies. Behavioural therapy is used for anxiety disorders.
Rogers, Gestalt, Skinner, Pavlov
Friedli et al 1997 and Bower et al 2000
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