Compare and contrast the main features of Trade Unions in and US and Germany. How can we explain the similarities and differences observed?

a? Do answer the question and pay attention to its different elements.
a? Identify key issues a make sure you comment on problematic areas, and do not be frightened to suggest that there is no clear-cut answer: essays are supposed to provide a discussion and debate.
a? Present a coherent argument and a logical structure so that related ideas are grouped together and there is a logical progression from one area of discussion to another. Refer back to the question, too, to demonstrate how your argument and comment relates to it.

Basic Structure
Each essay will be different but a typical structure will normally consist of:
a? Introduction where you let the reader know how you interpret the question and how plan to answer it.
a? Body where you develop your argument. In this case, dividing up the body into two distinct parts may be useful:
o Description of similarities and differences
o Explanation of similarities and differences
a? Conclusions where you finish your essay by referring back to the question and clearly stating how you answered it. No new content here.
a? Bibliography where you include all works cited in your essay (a?referencesa) as well as those works you consulted but not cited (a?works also consulteda).

a? Use font Times New Roman size 12 (black), with 1.5 line spacing.
a? Indicate the exact word count of your essay on the last page.
a? Use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Do not use reductions (canat; donat etc a instead cannot, do not etc.). Pay attention to font and layout a do not use italics throughout, for example, and avoid fancy typefaces.