Compare and contrast three stories from three different cultures

My papers subject is Mythology. I should compare and contrast three stories from three different cultures, and I believe I should have one story from Greek Mythology, and you choose two other stories based on the instruction below, thank you.

Choose three stories from three different cultures for compare and contrast. You can find your stories from various sources, your own personal library, a public library, or online web sources. The stories should be short form like fairytales or folk tales but they might be fragments of larger narratives as well, they can be stories youve read before or stories you read for this assignment. You can use folk tales or fairytales, or stories from religious texts, or graphic novels. I encourage the use of small forms, like short tales or fairytales. In your essay you will clearly analyze the plots, characters and/or settings of these stories using the Universal perspective, the Cultural perspective and the Pedagogical perspective. Feel free to illustrate your essay. You will need to include either a copy of the stories you are using or provide the website where I can go and read them. Since this is a cumulative essay include ideas and processes that we have covered in this class.

Things to think about:

The Life Cycle and its four crises and the process of Jungian individuation
The initiatory aspects of fairytale form and what do the stories initiate?
Do the stories conform to the Campbellian monomythic form; the heros journey, and in what ways do they conform or veer from that pattern?
Bastians concept of, how stories carry Universal ideas enveloped within Ethnic ideas
Are Jungian archetypes present? Which ones what actions, settings or character traits alerted you to the archetypal pattern?