Compare and contrast two films cinematography

The description of the paper in the syllabus does lay out, in broad terms, what I seek. The details of your particular paper will depend on which scenes from which films you choose to compare and contrast in terms of their cinematography (which is, fundamentally, the camerawork and editing). At the heart of your paper there should be a precise description of the manner in which the construction of small portions of the film as a film (again, cinematography) produce its meaning and your response. These details you must supply. Note that I specifically do not want you to assert that Gladiator, say, is realistic without demonstrating specifically why you feel that the assertion may be made. And, the proof of that realism will not depend on bibliographical sources (although you must footnote the printed material that you consult) but rather on your well-reasoned and well-expressed estimation of the films ability to make you think that what you are seeing is real.
None of this may be particularly easy to do. You will certainly need to watch attentively & critically the films about which you intend to write, and the sort of well-reasoned, well-expressed estimate to which I just referred may not come to you easily. Such, however, is the nature of a paper of this sort.

I would like to do Thor and the hunger games the first movie.