Compare and contrast two opinion articales

in this essay should choose to opinion articales about same topic and compare and contrast this two articale in 3 part of concepts of ethos, pathos and logos.(i will upload the exact stracture for that).

This assignment comprises a 2000 word comparative critique in the form of an essay that
compares the effectiveness of arguments offered in relation to a topic that has been discussed
recently in the news media.

In this essay you will compare the effectiveness of two articles that present arguments on a
topical issue. Note that you must choose the articles, which must not be taken from the
Resources articles, so you should begin collecting suitable articles as soon as you can. Start
reading newspapers, suitable journals, electronic sources and magazines.

Assessment Criteria
Clear demonstration of understanding of the rhetorical proofs, the effect of fallacies
and the application of -understanding of cultural studies
The writing is suitably concise, clear, objective and of a suitable register
The development of a strong and persuasive argument structure, demonstrating a
well supported conclusion
Suitable research and appropriate referencing