Compare and contrast two Poem James Fentons Godand Seamus Heanys MIdterm Break”

Compare and Contrast two poems James Fentons Godand Seamus Heanys Mid -term Break”

1.why do you choose the poems
2.What is the poem about?
3.How does the author use word choice eg diction, synonyms
4. Figurative language eg simile, metaphor, personification, Allusion, symbol.
5. the music of poetry eg rhyme, Alliteration, Rhythm.
6.How do these three elements push forward or undermine the theme and or subtext of the poem?
7 who is the speaker? what does the poem reveal about the speaker
8.Is the speaker addressing a particular person
9.Does the poems have a setting
10 is the theme of the poem stated directly or indirectly
11.from what perspective is the speaker describing specific events?
12. what is the structure of the poem.
13. what was your response to the poem on first reading? did your response change after study of the poem or class discussions about it?