Compare and contrast two specific charteristics on Buddism and Chirstianity

Research Paper a An 8-page paper that compares and contrasts two specific characteristics in two modern religious faiths. For example, one could compare/contrast (1) ideas of the afterlife and (2) the nature of morality in Judaism and Hinduism. This is not comparing the two religions in general. It is comparing and contrasting two specific characteristics of two different religions.
Examples of religious characteristics: Examples of Modern Religious Faiths

Rituals of atonement/purification Hinduism
Nature of the Divine/Supreme Reality Jainism
Nature of the afterlife/transcendent reality Buddhism
Beliefs in eschatology Daoism
Practice of prayer/spiritual meditation Confucianism
Places of worship Shinto
Nature of morality/life goals Zoroastrianism
Moral instructions Judaism
Uses of scripture in worship Christianity
Dietary or fasting practices/rituals Islam
etc. Sikhism, etc.