Compare and contrast using ONLY one theme (i.e. family problems, relationships, prejudice, love, desire, etc…).

Literary Analysis Paper

The goal of this assignment is to compare and contrast two works that are contained in your textbook. You do not have to
choose a work we have discussed as a class. Read the directions below and follow them carefully. They are your guide.
Check out the lecture on how to get an a?Aa? on your literary analysis paper.

1) You must chose one poem and then chose either a short story or play by different authors that have more or less the
same theme (i.e. family problems, relationships, prejudice, love, desire, etc...). You may not use a myth, parable, folktale
or essay for your literary analysis paper.

2) Read each piece carefully and in one page, single-spaced, summarize the major components of each work (who, what,
when, where, why, how). This summary sheet will be the final page in your literary analysis paper.

3) Type a college level term paper [5-7 pages, double-spaced a 12 point font, 1 inch margins]. Make sure your paper includes
the following:

A] An introduction that introduces both works and has a clear thesis statement a this is a comparison/contrast essay, so make
sure your thesis statement reflects that. [PS dont forget to have a good title to your paper!!!]

B] The body paragraphs that compare and contrast the two works. To do this, choose four of the following points: character,
audience, theme, literary motif, symbolism, and overall message (are both works saying the same thing about life or something different?).
**Note: story or plot is not one of the comparison options!

Each body paragraph must have a clear topic sentence that clearly states the point that is going to be analyzed in the paragraph.
Do not use an announcement, such as This paragraph will analyze the literary motifs in the two works”. To support each point, you
must use quotes from the text. You should use at least two examples for each point. Do not leave a quote to explain itself. Make your point, use a quote that illustrates that point, and write in your own words how that quote illustrates your point.

C] A conclusion that answers the following questions: What did you learn about each work by looking at it carefully? How did
the works make you feel? By comparing and contrasting the two works, did you learn anything about poetry, short stories, plays,
yourself, others? [REMEMBER: To support each answer, you must use quotes from the text.]

D] Attach your summary sheet as last page.


Grading Rubric

Clear introduction that introduces both works and ends with a solid thesis -10
Four body paragraphs comparing & contrasting both works using the assigned points,
and including clear topic sentences and support by quoting lines from the text -30
Conclusion that clearly answers the assigned questions and uses quotes from the
text to support assertions -10
One page summary sheet [single spaced] -10

USE Kate Chopin, a?The Story of an Houra? and Sylvia Plath, a?Daddya?