Compare and discuss two Zhang Yimos movies Hero and House of Flying Daggers

there is some introduction of this paper:
Final Paper (34%):
A 10-12 pp. paper (double-spaced, 12 Times New Roman font, no more than 1.25 margins) written on one or more of the assigned films (or you may choose a film
not on the syllabus in consultation with me) due
no later than Monday, March 16 by 3 PM in Friendly 317.
You will be choosing the film(s) to analyze and developing your own argument. You are welcome to draw on one or more of your response papers as long as you can demonstrate that you have thought more about and further developed your original ideas and analysis. We will talk more about this in class; it is also a good idea to consult A Short Guide to Writing About Film
, by Timothy Corrigan (any edition) for more detailed advice about writing film papers.
Please find all the sources as academic souces.

there are the links of two movies:
background information
background information