Compare and/or contrast two articles from different newspapers.

How to Get to Databases:

Go to the library web site (or similarities between the two articles. The rest of the paper should then discuss these differences and similarities in more detail. In addition, you should also print out and attach the articles that you are discussing, including a clear indication of where they came from (for example, Los Angeles Times, March 26, 1943).

Final Advice

This assignment is somewhat more difficult than the first one. Accordingly, you will have an opportunity to rewrite the assignment for a new grade based on your teaching assistantas comments. If you do not devote the necessary effort to this first draft, there will be less on which to comment, and your second draft will be weakened. The second draft is optional. If you received a grade you are happy with on the first draft, you need not submit a second draft. However, there will be a penalty for skipping the first draft and submitting only the second draft. The second draft must be accompanied by the first draft with the articles discussed and the teaching assistantas comments.

make sure you finish with those important rules thx


2. the key thing is that you have to have some patience and must try several different combinations of words in order to find the best articles. The determination of the right search terms and dates continues to be a challenging part of the exercise. least four paragraphs

remember chicago style citation and also i need the two articles you use