Compare between three agriculture company and three petrochemical company that listedin saudi stock market before three years ago

the three petrochemical company:( sabic,saudi kayan and chemanoL company )
the three agriculture company :(almarai,savola group and nadec)
1-literature review
2-introduction about the 6 company above
3-method,three years price analysis (range,mean,median,standard division)
4-compare between the company year by year agrculture and petrochmecal companys

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6 1) Background & Statement of the Problem.
Research problem or purpose clearly identified.
Significance of the study.
7 2) Research objectives or question.
Clear and feasible objectives.
In line with research plan.
8 3) Literature Review
Relevant to the research problem and issue.
Theoretical framework.
9 4) Research Methodology
Data collection methods and strategies.
Tools and appropriateness of data analysis.
10 5) Findings, Discussions and Analysis of Data
Clarity of discussion and presentation.
Relevant recommendations/policy implications.
11 6) Academic Writing
Spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, grammar, etc.
12 7) Report Formats
Structure and display features.
13 8) Referencing
In-text citation.
Reference list citation.

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The comparison in liquidity

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And write about the agricultural and petrochemical sector improvement in saudi stock markets and which better and which in future better