Compare btween pseg and other can choose good topic for the paper pleas

the company that i went too is pseg i have to compare between the company that i went and other company.

to let you this is business ethics class.

order instructions;

Your assignment is to compare the corporate ethics program of your field trip company with the program of either Boeing, Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon field trip attendees may not use Johnson & Johnson, sorry), Mattel, or Texas Instruments. The choice is up to you. I will refer to the company you choose as your a?Reference Companya?. Links to information about these companies can be found in the a?Course Informationa? section of Webcampus, in a folder entitled Corporate Ethics Programs.

Referring to the lecture notes on Corporate Ethics programs, your paper should answer the following questions:

Which of the possible components of a corporate ethics program does your field trip company have? Which does your reference company have? You must support your answer with specific examples.

Compared to your Reference Company, is the ethics program of your field trip company more like an integrity strategy or a compliance strategy? You must explain your answer and give specific examples to illustrate your view.

Which company do you think has the better Corporate Ethics Program, your field trip company or your Reference Company? Explain why.

The body of your paper (excluding the title page) should be at least three pages, and no more than six pages, double spaced, one inch margins on all sides, and 12-point type. Your name should appear only on the title page. No list of references is required for this paper, but if you quote any source other than the class notes or the information from your field trip of your Reference Companyas webpages in your paper, you must cite the source.