Compare Chinese monster and American monster

compare Chinese monster and America monster (any monster)
lead to the cultural difference between China and America

Over the course of this semester, we have studied multiple monsters from multiple periods of time. In a 5-8 page thesis driven paper, make an argument about a monster or monster related text or theme building off current scholarship in the field. Ideally, you should utilize between 3-5 sources. Make sure to use proper MLA formatting and to cite when needed. Also make sure to back up all of your claims with choice evidence. The paper is due the last day we meet (during the final period).
Your intro should:
Introduce the topics and the texts that you are going to be using and explain the significance of the argument.
Based on your argument, your thesis may be an entire paragraph.
Included or implement:
___The thesis machine
___topic sentences (also known as claims)
___Search and Destroy
___Worksheet on wordiness
___three drafts
___individual meeting with professor

(the source must can be found on google scholar)

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Compare Chinese monster and American monster

introduction: why you want to chose this topic, and introduce articles.
body: just write each summary about 3 articles. one part for one article.
conclusion: your own opinion about this topic

the four article you can choose
1. Hamilton, Sue L. Monsters of Mystery. Edina, Minn: ABDO Pub, 2008.
2. Klobuchar, Lisa, and James Spears. Daily Reading Comprehension: Grade 4. Monterey, CA: Evan-Moor, 2010. Print.
3. Taylor, Troy. The Big Book of Missouri Ghost Stories. , 2013. Print.
4. Wong, Evy. Chinese Auspicious Culture. Singapore: Asiapac Books, 2012. Print.