Compare contemporary art vs visual work of the past

In her book, Believing Is Seeing, Mary Anne Staniszewski says that the book is about  how things come to have meaning and value. She goes on to say that  to question Art and to see it as something that has a specific history and belongs to a particular era can tell us so much about our own cultures and ourselves In your essay show how contemporary art is talked about today as something that is so different from visual work of the past and how these ideas are affected by our beliefs and projection of what art was in the pas and how we define art today. How have our values changed? How do institutions affect the way values and meanings change? How does the way we see ourselves as  free subjects determine how we see value in artistic production? Cite specific examples to prove you argument.

 This is a book about Art, what is not Art, and how things come to have meaning and value (p1)

 The term  art as we now understand it began to take on its modern meaning in the eighteenth century: an original creation, produced by an individual gifted with genius. This creation is primarily an object of aesthetic beauty, separate from everyday life

 When an artist creates a work of art, it has no intrinsic use of value; but when this artwork circulates within the systems of art (galleries, art histories; art publications, museums, and so on) it acquires a depth of meaning, a breadth of importance, and an increase in value that is greater proportionately than perhaps anything else in the modern world (p28)

 If we accept the fact that everything is shaped by culture, we then acknowledge that we create our reality (p298)