Compare & contrast essay. The Broken Column,Frida Kahlo vs Olympia, Edouard Manet

In your essay you will be asked why you chose to write about these particular artworks. Do the artworks: relate your work as an artist? Inspire/intrigue you with their subject matter/message? Or just appeal to
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Please not to use too hard vocabs.
here is some information that my professor provided.

your aesthetic sensibility? Once you post your essay in this discussion, you have completed Module 15 and the entire course.

* Introduction including a thesis statement. This is the main point of your essay and tells your reader what you are going to cover in the essay.
* Cultural context of both artworks/ period style (politics, society, religion, etc.)
* Stylistic characteristics of both artworks/ period style. What formal characteristics are employed? (line, color, shape, light, mass, balance, scale, etc).
When discussing culture and style your essay should address how the cultural context informs the stylistic characteristics of that period. You should also incorporate art historical vocabulary from the modules when discussing stylistic characteristics.
* Subject matter of both artworks. (story/narrative, what?s going on in the artwork?)
* Function and possible meaning (symbolism/ iconography) of both artworks
* Similarities, differences between the two. What makes this a good comparison?
* Conclusion should recap thesis, include important conclusions or insights about the artwork and the artist or culture who produced it and discuss why you chose to write about the artwork.
* Documentation of sources bibliography, footnotes, endnotes, etc.

* Professional web site (for example, a museum, research institute or university, NOT Wikipedia!)

* Nonfiction book published within the last 50 years

* Professional art historical publication (magazine or journal, can be online)

* Plagiarism Alert!

please finishe it on time.