Compare greek mythology and norse mythology

this is my outline for the essay(the essay has to be followed the outline cause I have submitted it)
thesis statement:The differences between Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology are creation of the world, characters of chief god and the value of cultures, which generate different mythology influence/ different value of culture.
1. Creation of the world
a? At the beginning of the Greek Mythology world is chaos and darkness, then universe created different classes of Gods with light and love, which finally break the darkness.

a? Norse Mythology started from the war than used the defeated giantas body to create a new world, which is cruel and realistic.

2. Characters of chief god
a? Zeus is a mighty father god of gods and men in the Greek mythology, he was indestructible and immortal with infinite power and wisdom.

a? Odin is sky god and ruler of the other gods in the Norse Mythology, he was portrayed as a one-eyed old man who is solemn and detached.

3. the value of culture
a? Greek Mythology contains stories of great victories over evil, love, light, adventure, and promising future which become romantic and carefree.
a? Norse Mythology is full of despair, desolation and cruel warfare that generating a gloomy portrayal of Norse culture.

(Use at least 2 secondary research sources for research. One source must be from Proquest or Ebsco (data bases provided by the College) .Secondary sources include books (e.g. history, archaeology)) , peer-reviewed articles in academic journals, expert opinions (e.g. of folklore and mythology scholars a not of the average blogger and NOT wikipedia), academic essays from various disciplines, biographies. )
thank you.