Compare Iowa vs Missouri Nursing Practice Ac

This is the instructions for this assignment paper. For the two states to compare could you please use Iowa and Missouri. ADN 841: Nursing Seminar II Learning Unit 2: Assignment
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Comparison of Iowa Nursing Practice Act to One other Stateas Nurse Practice Act
The legal scope of practice is governed by the State Nurse Practice Act. You are being trained in Iowa. However, some of you may choose to be licensed in a different state. In order for you to explore various parts of the Nurse Practice Act, your assignment is to go to the Iowa Board of Nursing home page, at Review the information regarding the IAC Chapter 6 a Nursing Practice for Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nursing. Identify the primary practice guidelines for Registered Nurses regarding delegation, assignment and prioritization.
Select one other state to review their respective Nurse Practice Act, focusing on the same areas as Iowa. This could be where you are planning on being licensed, or just another state for comparison purposes. Discuss the similarities and possible differences in a brief type written essay of no more than 2 pages. Be concise, but specific enough to reflect your understanding of the RN scope of practice in both states. Submit your assignment in LU02.
Below are the Missouri Board of Nursing rules and definitions.
Missouri Board of Nursing: nursing-rules-statutes.asp
Division 2200 State Board of Nursing Chapter 1 Organization and Description of the Board Chapter 2 Minimum Standards for Approved Programs of Professional Nursing Chapter 3 Minimum Standards for Approved Programs of Practical Nursing Chapter 4 General Rules Chapter 5 Definitions Chapter 6 Intravenous Infusion Treatment Administration
The Grading Criteria for this essay will be as follows:
Topic Area
Pts Possible
Pts Earned
Identify the primary state you will be seeking licensure;
Review the Nurse Practice Act of that State;
Discussion of key elements of the RN scope of practice
(delegation, assignment, prioritization, IV therapy)
10 pts
Discussion of comparable document from either Iowa or one other state
ADN 841: Nursing Seminar II Learning Unit 2: Assignment
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10 pts
Reflection regarding your understanding of the RN role.
Are you prepared to practice?
10 pts
30 pts