Compare Lost in translationand Salvation”

reading Salvationwrite In a single paragraph, explain to another reader what you believe to be the new essayas central idea. In short tell that reader what you think the new essay says: reveal its idea. Remember, the reader has not read the essay so you are responsible for being clear, direct, and succinct.

then, in a second paragraph, put the new essay and the first essay (lost in translation summary) into relationship. Do this for a reader who has read neither of the essays. Reveal how the second essay helps us understand the first, how it deepens our understanding and appreciation of the idea you have discovered (or are starting to discover) in the first essay, or how, when held up against the ideas in the first text, creates a tension or conceptual conflict. Remember, the second text should be similar but different from the first–in other words, the second text has to offer us something that the first does not. If the two share what you perceive as the Sameidea, or too similar a story, youre going to be wrapped up in surface connections that wont take you anywhere past that.