Compare malcolm x and martin luther king jr

Examine their lives and
viewpoints and explain how their focus differs and why. How do each propose solving
the racial problems in America? Do their views change over time? Why or why not?
Are we still feeling the impact of these two powerful figures today? What is their
legacy? Are our views and opinions of them today equally respectful? Why or why
not? You will need to write a clearly organized and thoughtful compare and contrast
essay of these two historical figures. Make sure you back up your assertions with wellstructured
research using the words of the subjects themselves. Four outside sources two of which are primary sources. Your paper should be properly organized, containing a
clear thesis, introduction and conclusion. You are expected to adhere to the MLA
method of citation, complete with bibliography. Your final paper should be 6-8 pages,
not including bibliography and cover page, double-spaced, using Times New Roman or
Arial 12-point font and 1a? margins.