Compare nd contrast the needs of cancer and non-cancer patients

my assessment for this module in Bsc hons practice development (palliative care) level 6 is a portfolio of evidence to include a biography/case study total words not to exceed 4000 words to examine and discuss the interventions and support for a person and their family who have palliative care needs.The portfolio of evidence should facilitate the intergration of theory and practice it must demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of relevant issues and principles,make substantive use of research and literature to support arguments/work and critically evaluate literature and make recommendations which demonstrate synthesis of the theory practice interface.
It must include all of thrse learning outcomes;
1.explore how the principles of palliative care can be applied in a variety of settings through the patients journey i.e end of life,prefered place of death,could the liverpool care pathway be adopted for end stage copd patients.
2.appraise the social and political trends,which influence the delivery of care of palliative care i.e prefered place of care,chronic disease managment.
3. critically evaluate how palliative care principals may be relevant to patients with non malignant disease such as copdand heart failure.
4critically reflect on the physical and emotional needs of the palliative care patient and their family, considering the user perspective.
5. using the patient experience,reflect on the lived experience of the patient with a life terminating disease such as copd.
6.appraise local palliative care services and bereavment support considerivg seamless care, identifying gaps in the service i.e tje post code lottery ot availability of services and the implications for practice when caring for patients with a non-cancer terminal illness such as severe copd.

I have a number of articles/literature searches I would included.