Compare or contrast Ken Albalas Eating Right in The Renaissance with Michelle Obamas Lets Move!campaign

Ken Albala described the a?civilizing processa? in which Early Modern Europeans increasingly
masked, regulated, and concealed bodily processes and aligns this cultural shift with the rise of
national governments. He explores several parallel metaphors that were employed in discourses
about food, health, and politics; these included notions of balance, economy, management,
proportion, and modesty.

He writes: a?In one respect diet and political stability are more than merely metaphorically
connected. The health and strength of the commonwealth naturally depends on the health of its
citizens. Dietary disorder and luxury, especially among the upper classes, who are meant to
guide and defend the realm, can lead to chaos and the ruin of empires.a?3

Compose a thesis-driven response that connects, compares, or contrasts Albalas discussion of
15th and 16th dieticians claims in relation to politics (in Eating Right in the Renaissance,
Chapter 7, a?Food and Nationa?) with the example of Michelle Obamas Lets Move!campaign.
Be sure to employ 1-2 specific examples from these videos:

3 Ken Albala, Eating Right in the Renaissance (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2002), 223.

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