Compare Raymond Carveri??s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love to Homeri??s The Odyssey

Assignment goals: The purpose of this assignment is to exercise your ability to compare two disparate texts meaningfully and without engaging in mere plot summary by first choosing a sound basis for comparison. You will decide how to focus your analysis and explain what significance there is to the similarities and/or differences between the two narratives. Your first task is to find a common theme as basis upon which to compare the two works and then examine ways in which that theme is played out similarly and differently in each text.

Instructions: Write about the topic below. You will compare Raymond Carveri??s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love to Homeri??s The Odyssey. Whether you are emphasizing similarities or differences or both depends on your particular interpretation. The various questions and suggestions with each topic option are designed to get you thinking; your final goal is not to answer or use all of them one by one in your essay, just the ones related to your individual interpretation.

Topic:Explain what role romance and/or love has in each text as a motivation or means for escaping from an undesirable environment. Is the desire for an understandable form of romance or love the chief motivation for escape? Does the desire for romance/love facilitate or hinder the charactersi?? escape plans? Does the act of escaping fulfill or bypass the desire for romance? (How you approach this topic will largely depend on how you define i??romance.i??)

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There should be no outside resources or any references in this essay, everything should be based on your own thoughts.