Compare reward approach between Asia and Western economy

In this paper, it needed to be an issue around HRM and the area is set to be in Total reward management.
I have set a topic which is a compassion of reward approach between Asia and Western economy.
However, I have not set up any objectives for this paper yet so if you can consider the objectives for me for this research as well.
On the other hand, i think might be picking up similar organisations in eastern and western to compare and contrast to show the different reward approach and find out which or what reward approach is more appropriate and why. because of the economy changing? culture issue?

I was thinking it might be too broad, would you suggest any ways to narrow it down a bit more? more in depth for a critical awareness?

Due to the IT issue from the university,I will upload the module handbook shortly but the structure and criteria are mostly listed below. Please take a look and response to the instruction and let me know if you have any quires.

Thank you

Assessment Criteria:

You will be assessed on your ability to formulate a convincing paper that:

i § Articulates clear aims for the focus on your chosen HR issue.
i § Demonstrates a critical awareness of existing theory, previous research and professional practice relating to the issue.
i § Correctly applies referencing conventions.
i § Critically evaluates approaches to managing contemporary HR issues.
i § Addresses or anticipates questions around management implications and practice.

Suggested structure for a research paper:

Title page
a? Report title
a? Student number
a? Submission date

a? Summary of results


a? 5 a 10 keywords or key phrases describing the content

Must be kept short
a? Background on the topic
a? Summary in a few words your main findings

Body of report
a? Consists of sections dealing with various aspects of the investigation.
o Research and methodology
o Theory
o Application
o Design issues,
o Comparison with other methods, approaches


a? Brief summary of what has been presented.
a? State major inferences that can be drawn from the investigation
a? Discuss possible extensions of the work

a? Complete bibliographic information for each reference