Compare rhe media law of England and Wales with a european country

WORD LIMIT: 1,500 words
INSTRUCTIONS: Provide a critical essay drawing on a range of key texts and case studies to support your argument.


1. Undertake a comparative analysis (via case study) of how international journalism and media law differs from the legal system in England and Wales. The submission should demonstrate an understanding of the globalisation of news media and the varying working practices of journalists.

Things to do and be included in the essay, the lecturer specifically requested for these things.

a? Please note that the media law of a country in Europe must be compared with England and Wales. You could compare privacy or defamation law of any country you choose with how it operates in England and wales. The most important thing is that for the essay to be a good one you must understand the media law of the country you choose. I would prefer Italy or any country in Europe of your choice.

Please mention:

a? Levenson Enquiry this is compulsory because it is the new thing on the UK media.

a? Ryan Giggs injuction on Imogen of Big Brother and also Ryan Giggs lost his case against the sun newspaper

a? Caroline Spelmam MP, Environment secretary whose son took the expired drug and the MP seek an injunction that the case should not be published.

a? Other important case studies in Britain and the country you choose

a? A little information on the media law of other countries apart from the one you are comparing with England and Wales.

a? Britain is No 30 on the media table, mention what no the country is on the list.

He requested that these two books must be used

(1) McNaes Essential law for journalists by David Banks and Mark Hannah
20th edition published by Oxford in 2009 ( please this book is compulsory
according to the lecturer.)

(2) Law for journalists second edition by Frances Quinn published in 2009 by
Pearson Education ltd

Please use only two books from the recommended textbooks below. Havard referencing is required please

Learning outcomes a knowledge

Knowledge and understanding 1. Identify and critically analyse variances and relationships between UK, European and international media law and working practices.
2. Demonstrate a sophisticated and comprehensive understanding of the globalisation of news media.
Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills 3. Undertake a detailed academic research study into an area of international journalism and compare to UK practices.

8.1 Recommended Texts
Atkins, J. B. (2002) The Mission: Journalism, Ethics and the World (International Topics in Media): Journalism, Ethics and the World London: WileyBlackwell
Campbell, V. (2004) Information Age Journalism: Journalism in an International Context London: Hodder Arnold
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8.2. Recommended Internet Resources
On-line resources:
In general, use Google Scholar as a search engine and do not use materials taken from the general web pages.
The following do offer acceptable further possibilities: