Compare several volcanoes (3-4), either all different, or all similar in some way

A possible topic would be to compare several volcanoes (3-4), either all different, or all similar in some way. If you choose to do this, please provide a thorough description of each, including name, location, setting, type of volcanism, plate tectonic setting, and as much as you can find out about the history of each volcano. Also, what is the current level of activity, what are the future risks if any, including what kind of eruptions might be forecast, what is the current threat level, what populations are at risk, etc.

You may use information from the Websites I have given you (including any that those Websites refer you to, and especially including any of the official volcano observatories), but use Wikipedia and others with great caution and sparingly. I want good solid information, science-based. Also, please use resources from the library. Cite any information that you use in your paper; be sure to put everything you write IN YOUR OWN WORDS (forget that copy and paste exists!!!). Be sure to give a reference list, listing all Websites you have used as well as books and journal articles. You should have at least 6-8 different references; at least one should be a  paper reference, i.e. a book or journal article from the library.

Among the first things I will check for grading will be the use of citations in your writing, the presence of a reference list, how much information you have found and used in your paper (i.e., good content), etc.

The written paper should be 6-10 (max.) pages long, with references (and figures if you want to have some) extra. This means that if you want to use a table from a book or the internet in your paper, you should use it as a figure; it will not count in the number of pages required. Use size 12 font (Times or Times New Roman-type), double space, normal margins.