Comparing and contrasting paper about the work,lives and the impact on society of Kate Chopin and Winslow Homer

1-Discuss what an artist is in general (use critical thinking) 1paragraph
2Introduce the two artists and a thesis statement, some unifying idea upon which your paper will focus. Think about what they represent, in a general sense, to the arts, even if that means focusing on how different their contribution were. 1 paragraph
3Compare and contrast the artists work. Are there similar themes that show up. Are they trying to express something similar? Different? How did their personal lives affect their work? 1-2pages
4Compare and contrast the artists techniques. How did they go about getting their messages across? How did their tools and or techniques contribute to the uniqueness of their visions? Do you see any connections? 1-2 pages
5What imprint have these artists left on society? Are we better because of their work? Worse? Why? 1-2pages
6Conclusion 1paragraph
Use critical thinking, one paragraph exploring each question.