Comparision between (2 Insurtance Companies in Saudi Arabia) Tawuniya and Bupa Arabia in terms of the Cost of Capital.

I have gone through the attached Thesis Proposal which I got from you, and have been submitted it to the Supervisior, however he came back to me with the fillowing comments:

-No important subject or interesting matter;
-No research questions; and
-The research is talking about so many points in the wide financial area, while should be more specific and focusing on one concept like the Cost of Capital.

Based on the above, I would appreciate your assistance to revise the Thesis Proposal as per the above-mentioned point and sharpen the Proposal to be taking about a comparision between tow Insurance Companies in Saudi Arabia in terms of the Cost of Capital. Actually the point is that Tawuniya is underwriting and selling most of Insurance Line Of Businesses (General Insurance, Life and Medical), while Bupa is a specialist in the Medical Insurance line ONLY.
in order for me to submit it to the supervisior accordingly.

Would you please let me know how much will it cost me to get the attached Thesis Proposal revised and updated with the same writer who did it.

Looking forward to hearing from you applying the maximum possible discount for me.

Ordert number: 559610.
Writer number: 80743.

Shall any further information is required, it would be a pleasure to provide you with.

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