Comparison and analysis of poems from William Carlos Williams

What the professor is looking for is a paper discussing about 3-5 poems from William Carlos Williams.. It must focus on poems from: Kora in Hell, Spring and All, and Imaginations. He is looking for an analysis of some of the poems; discussing the meaning behind them, a comparison of the poems finding common themes, and emotions. He is not interested in a traditional college essay. He wants to know how the poems make the reader feel, the writers emotions behind them and basically the authors meaning behind them. It does not have to be perfect( the professor seems not too interested in the perfect paper), but well written. Feel free to discuss a little back round info of the author and how his past has sculpted his writing style. If you have any problems or questions, . The paper is due this Sunday( 7/16/06). If it could be done by Saturday night so that i can proofread it, That would be excellent.. Thank you