Comparison and Contrast of the French and U.S. Healthcare Systems

Hi I am an RN to BSN student that needs a research paper for my Nursing in Global Health Care Systems class. There are certain headings that need to be included all of which I have in a rubric I can upload along with some of the resources available. The paper needs to be in APA format

WRITE a paper COMPARING and CONTRASTING the healthcare system of your selected country and the United States healthcare system, I am choosing the US vs the French Health Care system because according to the WHO france is ranked #1 and the US is #37

Added on 31.01.2015 22:46
Hi IM attaching the rubric and 2 references from the rubric, the directions start at #5, all of the headings need to be included in the paper as well as the info under them. There are some additional references other than the affordable care act, at the end of the rubric. Also, the websites for the French part of the health care systems need to be from credible sites like, please feel free to call regarding any questions