Comparison between Basque and Catalan Nationalism and Their National Cultures”


This is my college dissertation topic and at the moment I only require the first chapter. In my first chapter the title isThe history of the Basque country and its people”. I would like you to explore the historical and political origins of the Basque country,its people and their language by using the most important events. The reasons for why a profound feeling of Nationalism occurred is also extremely important to this paper and should be discussed by incorporating the historical and political origins. Please ensure that this dissertation is completly unplagarised and where appropriate, please use footnotes on each page and quotaion marks when quoting other authors. I have read some novels which I would like incorporated into this first chapter they are The History of the Basque World(1999 Mark Kurlansky); The Basques, the Catalans and Spain(1997 Daniele Conversi); Dirty War Clean Hands, ETA, the GAL and Spanish Democracy(2001 Paddy Woodworth). Thank you so much for all your kind help!! Hope to hear from you soon!

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