Comparison between EDF group (A0 lectricitA© de France) and E.ON S E from an investors perspective point of view

Am an investor which company shall i invest in EDF GROUP france or E.ON SE Germany. the years am looking at 2006-2007 (two years before the acqusition of British energey by EDF), and 2012.
note:-1only analysing in the main body
2-no calculationes on the main body all in appen

1EMH (efficient market hyothesis) for DAX and Euronext.
2profitability ratios, liqudity ratios, and CAPM ( capital assessment pricing model).
3dividends theory, dividends ratios and dividend pay out policy (Bench market against three other competitors). 2006-07-08-09-2010-2011-2012.
4-risk Tcapital structure gearing ratios and theory (high or low in the sector)
T-Beta analysis
T-failure analysis