Comparison between education in US and other country

You will compare and contrast the higher education systems (college and university) of the U.S. with the higher education systems of one other country of your choice ( I rather to be Saudi Arabia ) . You may choose your own countryas education system, or you may choose another country to research and compare. Your essay will address the following:

In what ways are the higher education systems of the US similar to the higher education systems of another country? In what ways are they different? Choose two or three aspects of education (for example: student demographics, funding, popular fields of study, financial aid, bureaucratic structure, etc) to compare and contrast.

1. Using outside sources
You will need to use at least 2 outside sources on this essay. I will provide you with one of those sources. You must find at least one source on your own. Because you will be using outside sources, your paper must use correct APA style citations and must include a reference page. If your paper does not include correct usage of citations, you are plagiarizing. We will be discussing finding outside sources, APA style citations, and plagiarism over the next few weeks.
2. Personal pronouns
Because this is not an expository essay like Essay #1, you will not be allowed to use first and second person pronouns. Avoid saying a?Ia?, a?Youa?, and a?Wea? in your entire essay. Use only third person pronouns, such as a?theya?, and a?ita?.
Make sure that:
a? Your introduction contains a a?hooka? sentence that grabs the readeras attention
a? You introduction contains a thesis statement with subpoints that are directly linked to the topics of your body paragraphs.
a? You use information such as examples, quotations, and statistics from an outside source to prove your thesis statement and help explain how the two educational systems are similar and different.
a? Any outside information that you use is correctly cited in-text and on your reference page in APA format.
a? You use transition signals in between sentences and paragraphs, and review our a?Unity and Coherencea? lesson in order to create a smooth and flowing essay.
a? Your conclusion successfully summarizes the main points of the essay, and/or restates your thesis statement in different words.

a? 3-5 pages
a? Typed with Times New Roman font, size 12 pt.
a? Double-spaced throughout
a? 1a? margins on all sides
a? In-text citations in APA format
a? Page numbers and a Running Head on every page
a? Aligned to the left
a? Must include a title page and reference page in correct APA style format
a? Stapled at the upper left corner