Comparison between juvenile and criminal justice system

Instructions for Assignment #1 will be to Compare and Contrast the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems. Since this is only a 3 page paper, you MUST establish EACH area (compare & contrast) in detail, utilizing two (2) cited resources for each area. Sentence structure, through preparation and overall development will be evaluated.

In addition you will be required to provide an Organizational Chart type overview documenting the current Harris County Juvenile Probation Department. The overview needs to include a short description of what each area is responsible for.

Both documents for Assignment #1 must be submitted as an attachment to the Assignment Drop Box of the appropriate Assignment. The paper will be AT LEAST three (3) pages in length with 1a?margins, double spaced w/12 pt font or smaller using a regular font (Times Roman) with only one line name headings allowed. There should be NO space allocated between paragraphs so go into your settings and reduce the space between paragraphs to ZERO. Assignment #1 (both documents) will be worth a combined total of 75 points. Assignments will not be accepted through the course email.