Comparison between public and private umbilical cord blood banks( Pros and cons of each)

This paper should be a critical analysis and comparison between private and public umbilical cord blood banks. The paper should discuss the pros and cons of each and should be backed up by objective sources (i.e., experts in particular area of research, medical doctors, etc.). The important part of the paper is to prove and support your statement and claims. The following information must be written in an 8 paragraph essay:
1)A statement of the issue (Why is this an issue, introduction, paragraph 1)
2)Arguments that support one position(paragraphs 2,3,4)
3)Rebuttals(What are the best arguments on the other side of the issue, Paragraphs 5,6,7)
4)A statement of which is better. (the conclusions based on the research and the most convincing arguments, Paragraph 8)
5)8 research references and in-text citations in paragraphs.