Comparison between the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival in Finland and the Budapest Spring Festival in Hungary.

Write a dissertation according to the attached proposal, literature review and dissertation handbook. Follow the structure described in the handbook.

Some booklets will be uploaded to help you with some additional information.

The dissertation should be 10 000 word long.

The 2000 words stand for appendices.

Make interviews with organizers of both music festivals with relevant questions.

Ask them for photographs.

Surveys: the survey for Budapest spring festival: tell that I collected directly emails from the visitors during events and they answered later. Documentation!

Survey for Kuhmo festival: tell that the organizer sends emails about festival updates to visitors and he ask them if they mind participating in a survey. They Agreedso u sent the survey to the adresses given from the organizer. Documentation!

Both are fake of course, so just create this like i described and lets say 100 people were asked for Hungary and 50 for Finland. But the interviews must be real.

Use my name, Anna Pataky, they may check it. Also use a fake e mail adress with a name similar to mine so the documentation could be credible.

Use the sources in the proposal and LR plus some new ones, the number 20 I gave here is just for orientation.

Try to not copy a lot from books becaue even if u write it with ur own words the similarity report can be high and I want to avoid that.

In text, after text referencing of course.

You have some private infos and treat tham confidentially, please.

If u will have any questions, contact me.