Comparison non verbal communication in indonesia versus non verbal in australia

hi,i would like you guys to make me a review of literature for my scientific writing, the topic is written above. my objective is to find the differences between non verbal communication in Indonesia and in Australia. and the significant is know exactly the differences between non verbal communication in Indonesia and Australia and the researcher expects that in the future, the finding of this result will be useful for those Indonesian who planning to visit, live, study or working in Australia and those Australian who planning visit, live, study or work in Indonesia. In addition, this paper is going to be able to be use for anyone in Australia or Indonesia regarding human s attitudes and behaviors in real life.
so basicly, i need to write this paper and point out the benefit of this paper in education. i am stuck in study of literature so i am going to need your help. a few quotation from internet is fine but book sources are a must...i need to have definition of non verbal, channels of non verbal (gesture,facial expression etc etc) including all the explanation, and possibly previous study about this.
feel free to ask me questions if u have any..oh yeah the writting is on apa style...