Comparison of business improvement methodologies: Are they converging towards one universal approach?

Hi, Ive 3 pointers to add to the research proposal that ill sent to you through a file.

1) The first research question is implied as something that must be done in order to do the second question try if possible to make the second question a little more specific.

2) The three concepts, Six sigma, BPR, and TQM will need to be critically discussed in the literature review.

3) The methodology will need expansion.

Please try to do the dissertation based on the dissertation proposal ill send you, and this 3 pointers. Thanks.

Comparison of business improvement methodologies: Are they converging towards one universal approach?

Hi, please help me check if the dissertation topic i have chosen is proper, if not, i do not mind you changing the topic for me, as long as it is business related. Thanks.
Anyway, the following are the criteria and guidelines stated in the question paper:

Suggested format

Use the format presented below to structure a Research Proposal for your main topic. All elements of this Research Proposal are required in your work. Word counts are provided as general guidance only.

1. WorkingTitleandRationalefortheinvestigation-10words
You need to formulate a Working Title that reflects the focus of your proposed research.

2. Academiccontext-990Words
You need to conduct a review of peer reviewed relevant literature in order to locate the most appropriate sources. A brief literature review should be presented; this should highlight the main theories and concepts associated with your topic. The literature should be clearly linked to the critical issues under discussion The Harvard System of referencing should be used.

3. ResearchAimandObjectives-100Words
The purpose and scope and aims of the research need to be defined with a specific set of research objectives. 3 to 5 objectives should be presented. These need to be realistic and achievable.

4. Theoretical Rationale and Justification for the investigation1300 words
You need to formulate a Working Title that reflects the focus of your proposed research. The rationale for the research should be presented and the research context defined. The critical research issue/s should be identified. Credit will be given for originality of the research idea and clearly defined scope and research boundaries

5. ResearchMethods-600words
a? The research strategy needs to be outlined e.g. a?secondary researcha, a?case study researcha, a?survey based researcha
a? Data requirements need to be identified, this should be supported with a detailed data requirements table placed in the appendices
a? Data collection and data recording has to be explained. Techniques for data collection and sources of data need to be evaluated
a? Access to data (both secondary and primary) need to be considered
a? Ideas for proposed data analysis
Theory and concepts associated with a?research methodsa should be used to support and develop the analysis. The Harvard System of referencing should be used
6. Appendicesincluding
a? FormA
a? Time table and resources in the form of a Gantt chart or similar
a? A Data requirements table
a? Any other supporting data/charts/statistics

7. A list of references cited in the Research Proposal using the Harvard System of referencing

Specific Assessment Criteria for the Research Proposal.

1. The significance and rationale for the research is clearly explained and there is evidence of originality in developing a potential research topic

2. Evidence of background research resulting in a specific set of academic references and appropriate sources of secondary data

3. A realistic research question/s and specific set of objectives

4. A clear an practical research strategy that will meet the aims of the study is developed

5. An explicit rationale for the data collection methods is explained

6. Explanation of access to both secondary and primary data is explored

7. There is consistency between your objectives and research design

8. The research is achievable/feasible

9. A coherent timetable of the research is developed