Comparison of First World Poetry by Men and Women.

The criteria that is required:

1) Introduce the comparison of Men and Women poets during the First World War.

Define the issue/theme/topic (First World War poetry by men and women. Include the texts that you will be focusing on,and why? What are the boundaries of this topic and what will it cover?

2) Summarise the background information that you will use to frame the research. How have you defined the historical/thematic/theoretical frame of your research. Identify (by title and author) 2 or 3 of the key background/framing sources explaining the relevance of each one to your project.

3) Write an extended summary of of your possible argument. What are you going to show/argue, and why? How does this thesis relate to other academic discussion about the subject? Your (hypo)thesis will undoubtedly develop and be revised.

4) State key primary sources which you will analyse, and what aspects of them you will focus on. State the key academic/critical sources which contribute to or challenge your line of argument or critical analysis.
One or two sentances on each key source will be enough at this stage. Remember to give the title of each key text.

5) write the main body of the dissertation

6) conclude.
i have been asked to research and comment on the following authors of these books:

1) War Poetry by Simon Featherstone 1995
2) Womens Poetry of the First World War by Nosheen Khan 1988
3) Never Such Innocence (Poems of the First World War) edited by Martin Stephen