Comparison of HIV in the USA and Africa

1. Write a professional paper using reliable* Internet sites, to analyze and summarize published data and information on HIV. *reliable Internet sites will include US government agencies, US medical centers e.g. John Hopkins, reputable global organizatns, and journal articles. Article must be attached
2. Discuss the most current evidence of HIV in the USA and compare this with information from a developing country of your choice (Africa)
3. Project future trend of HIV globally.
Compare HIV in the two countries. State how reliable the statistical information is. Discuss the availability of treatment options as well as efforts to reduce the spread of the disease. Review statistical trends to project the future of HIV globally.
Grading includes the following criteria:
1. Information about topic is correct and relevant
2. Includes most RECENT statistical data available.
3. Contributing factors are described
4. Includes outcomes for treatment at home and abroad
5. Uses correct APA format and listed references