Comparison of Medical Expenses Insurance in Selected Countries

1) Health Insurance has 5 main kinds: Medical Expenses Insurance, Hospital Cash, Critical Illness, Income Protection Insurance and Long Term Care. Dissertation on MEDICAL EXPENSES INSURANCE ONLY.

2) In the first part, do a review on the historical background of health insurance and the development of medical expenses insurance from health insurance as a whole.

3) The medical expense market can be divided into 4 main categories: Individual Purchase Plans, Affinity Group Plans, Voluntary Group Plans and Company Paid Plans. Group contracts can also be classified into 4 main types: Fully Insured, Experience Adjusted, Profit Sharing and Insured Administration Services Only. Define and compare each type and each category. I am also going to discuss the reasons of why insurance companies want to offer such products.

4) Define the concept of medical expenses insurance. Review and define the main features of it and the factors which affect the policy.

5) Talk about public funding and government funding medical expenses insurance.

6) In the second part, I am going to study medical expenses insurance schemes in different countries such as the United Kingdom, United States, Hong Kong and possible other Asia countries. MAINLY ON UK & US.

7) Look into the details of the medical expenses insurance from different countries. Studystudy the following areas:
i) Background of medical expenses insurance
ii) Progress and development of purchase
iii) Sales channel used
iv) Trend and development of medical expenses insurance
v) Regulations
vi)Experience and Future development

8) At the conclusions, compare my findings from each country and suggest possible reasons why my findings are different or similar from country to country. With the geographical differences, this leads to different insurance policies being provided by insurance companies because they are aiming to different environment which affect health differently.

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