Comparison of Paulo Freire and William Brickman


Step 2. Revise the title of the paper, the student name, and the name of the university on the title page.

Your title page should end up looking something like this.

A Comparison of Paulo Freire and William Brickman

Stu Dent

Northcentral University

Step 3. Develop a heading and subheading structure. This is a very important process for any complex assignment you will develop during your graduate work. It is vitally important that the heading structure emerges from the instructions for the assignment, not from your own ideas about how to get organized. Nearly all assignments will require you to cover several points or issues. If you use the instructions to develop your heading and subheading structure you will be sure you do not miss anything and you will stay organized and on topic. In light of the instructions for this assignment, the heading structure should look something like this.

Freireas Contributions

Brickmanas Contributions

Resistance Freire and Brickman Encountered

Similarities in Freireas and Brickmanas Professional Stories

How Freire and Brickman Differed

Factors that Impacted Freireas and Brickmanas Success