Comparison of the Cold War international sysem to the current international system

It requires 7 pages of text, with an additional page for endnotes/reference list, double-spaced in Times Roman 12 font with one inch margins.

In the early 1990s, John Mearsheimer wrote that we would miss the Cold War, noting that its relative stability and peace among the great powers would give way to greater uncertainty and potential conflict. In your paper, compare the international system as it existed during the Cold War to the current international system. Questions such as how they differ, which is more stable, and which is more prone to conflict, among others, should be addressed. Ensure your answer makes significant use of the historical material from Keylor s The Twentieth-Century World and Beyond text and the theoretical material from Williams, Goldstein, and Shafritz s Classic Readings and Contemporary Debates in International Relations text.