Comparison of the constraining factors of local employment law(national law) between USA and UK.

Brief: Write an essay or management report of an issue of significance to either an
aspect of the international development of your group project, or closely
compare and contrast two regions / countries (one of which must be the country / regional location of your group project) in either an aspect of product / service provision and development, marketing elements, management aspects, law or business set up / operations.

Assessment criteria:

Marks will be awarded for:
a? Critical application and integration of management concepts / models (40%)
a? Awareness of international / intercultural factors / issues in International Management (25%)
a? Extensiveness of research and quality of sources (25%)
a? Coherent development of paper to include presentation and referencing (10%)

Length: 1250 words plus figures, tables and appendicies. No more than 1600 words.
You need to focus on a specific aspect of law like working hours / holiday entitlements etc or remuneration entitlements!!