Comparison of the implementation of gifted education in Singapore and Hong Kong

1. History of gifted education in Singapore and HK (300 words)
a. Use year to compare

2. Implementation of gifted education (1000 words)
a. Rationale of gifted education
b. What are their gifted education element ? and Why ?
i. Singapore (leadership, creativity, etc)
ii. Hong Kong (creativity, personal and social competence, etc..)
c. Find the main differences between this 2 countries (3-4 points)

3. Critique and comments (800 words)
a. Find the negative points
i. Such as governmental policy, community support
b. Comments

4. Reflections and recommendation (600 words)
a. Reflection
i. What I learnt from these?
ii. What are the important of the government support?
b. Recommendation
i. Please mention the points below from:
Leung, W.C. (2015). Future Directions. Reading Material at the Hong Kong Baptist University

ii. Common culture in educational policy for involving principals, teachers and parents
iii. Access to wide range of gifted education models and pedagogical strategies
iv. A willingness and capacity to utilize an array of indicators of giftedness
v. Pre-service and in-service professional development in gifted education for teachers
vi. Sustained and substantial financial and material support from Educational Department
vii. Whole-school and community support
viii. Clearly defined stakeholder roles identified for principals, teachers parents and school committees

5. Conclusion (300 words)